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Hydraulic Cylinders

DynaIndustrial has over 35 years of experience manufacturing and rebuilding cylinders for clients in multiple industries and can evaluate service longevity, reliability, purpose, and recommend improvements or options that create better solutions for meeting client needs.

DynaIndustrial has the capacity to evaluate service longevity and reliability for cylinders with bores from the size of a cup of coffee up to very large cylinders with bores of over 24 inches and lengths of over 20 feet.

Complete testing and documentation is offered on all cylinders that leave our facility.

All services (machining, welding, hard-chrome plating, complete disassembly and assembly, and documented testing) are performed in house allowing us to maintain quality control over the entire process.


277 Sherwood Rd, Box 438
Regina, SK
S4P 3A2

( 306 ) 359 - 7088 phone
( 306 ) 352 - 5004 fax


3326 Faithfull Ave
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 8H1

( 306 ) 933 - 4303 phone
( 306 ) 975 - 0406 fax


Suite D 1290 Main St.
Daphne, AL
( 251 ) 463 - 9073 phone